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Printed NCR Pads, NCR Sets, NCR Forms or Carbonless Forms

It is important with many documents that you have an exact reproduction of the original. Olympic are aware that customers wish to keep their paperwork to a minimum, as no-one wants to waste paper or waste money on items of printed stationery that are not necessary. That said it is important with many forms that you have an exact reproduction of what is on the original. Olympic Print and Design are able to design and print a large variety of Custom Forms such as NCR Books NCR Pads, NCR Sets, NCR Forms, Register Sets, Continuous printing or carbonless forms.


NCR Pad Printing, NCR Forms – What printed carbonless forms require them?

Many items may need Carbonless forms,  NCR Pads or NCR Sets. NCR Pads and NCR books may include such items as 2 part or 3 part Invoices, Delivery Notes, Stock Requisitions, Receipt Books, Airway Bills, Health and Safety Documents and Waste Disposal Printed Dockets or Waste Transfer Notes to name but a few.


Printed NCR Pads, NCR Forms or NCR Sets – How many copies?

Olympic can produce NCR forms as 2 part printed NCR, 3 part printed NCR, 4 part printed NCR or even as many as 8 part when required. The number of parts to a form is dependent on what it is being used for. For example with an Invoice you may want the Top Copy as an Invoice, the Second Copy as a straight forward copy, the Third Copy as a Delivery Note ie a 3 part form. If Exporting, when a printed Airwaybill may be required then numerous copies may be needed to ensure that goods can pass easily through customs both here and abroad. If printed Waste Transfer Notes are to be produced then it is quite usual to need 3 or 4 part NCR or Carbonless Forms to ensure that the relevant environmental and licensing conditions are met.

How should NCR be produced?

Multipart printed Carbonless forms can be turned into NCR pads, NCR books, simple NCR sets, NCR Register Sets or as a continuous NCR form. Some customers may want certain information produced on only a few copies therefore special panels can be produced using desense inks to prevent confidential details going onto other pages, alternatively a blocked out area can be used so that some information cannot be read. Multi Part NCR Forms can be sequentially numbered, bar codes applied and perfed which allow some parts to be torn away from the main form. Terms and Conditions can be reproduced as required. In the case of printed Invoices and printed Delivery Notes particularly there may be computerised software that needs to fit in certain fields produced on the form.


Olympic Printing Services

Olympic Print and Design will always spend time ensuring that your NCR Printing of items such as a NCR Book, NCR Pad, NCR Set. Register Set or Continuous NCR form will be suitable for your particular requirements. Olympic will take the time to find out what parts are needed, whether software has to be considered and what areas of the form are filled in and importantly how much space is needed to accommodate this. Olympic also specialise in certain forms such as Waste Disposal, Health and Safety and Airway Bills in addition to the more standard Invoices, Receipt Books, Delivery Notes and Purchase Orders.


Design and Artwork for NCR forms

Olympic design as well as print Waste Disposal Dockets, Waste Transfer Notes, Airways Bills, Stock Requisitions, Invoice Books, Delivery Notes, Receipt Books or any other NCR form. Alternatively we can take a carbonless form you have produced and adjust it to ensure it meets your particular needs and relevant Industry Regulations.


Free Print Storage and Delivery

As with most printing the larger the quantity required the more cost effective it becomes.

Olympic Print Management will therefore store your forms free of charge at our warehouses and deliver them anywhere in the UK or even Europe as required. This can be particularly useful for items such as letterheads, envelopes and invoices where it is important not to run out and for bulky pocket folders which can take up unnecessary room at your offices. They will also agree minimum stock levels with you so that you can be warned when you are running low. This not only ensures that you can order cost effectively but you can get delivery next day in the UK and can never run out of any item unexpectedly.


Olympic Samples Service

If you would like to see samples of 2 part ncr, 3 part ncr, 4 part ncr or more either as continuous printing, carbonless forms, printed ncr books, ncr pads or discuss a particular printing project please complete the Enquiry Form or call us and we will be delighted to help


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