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Professional Looking Printed Business Letterhead

Printed Business letterhead is a well-used facet of corporate branding within your stationery printing. Using an existing company logo helps to instil a feeling of uniformity not only with your potential and existing clients but also with any employees of your business. However, while some letterhead designs work very well as a stand alone item of business stationery printing others are not as conveniently or appropriately designed. Care should always be taken to carry on your company theme otherwise it confuses recipients and is unlikely to create a positive lasting impression.


Stationery Printing – Simplicity

Simplicity really is key. While a business letterhead should convey a message about your company it doesn’t have to convey every last sentiment. A simple logo, company name, and possibly a tag line should be all that accompanies the address and contact details. It is also vital that you avoid the temptation of trying to include every possible colour and every conceivable type of print. Sleek, stylish designs work best and gives a classy and professional look and feel to any business letterhead design.


Stationery Print – Space

A letterhead design needs to fit neatly onto the top of a piece of A4 paper. Hopefully, if you followed the first section of this article and opted for a simple but classy design this shouldn’t be a problem. Keep the logo and other design aspects to a minimum, in terms of space. This way you still have room to print your letters, faxes, and other forms of communication. Use too many graphic elements and it becomes difficult to see anything apart from the letterhead design on a piece of paper.


Company Branding

If you already use company or product branding then you must follow this through on your printed stationery. This is true whether you are looking for a company business card printing service or a business letterhead designer. Whether you do the design yourself or not it is imperative that your branding follows through smoothly. This includes corporate colours, logo, and tag lines. These are all ways in which your leads will recognise your business.


Printed Letterhead Legal Requirements

If you are a Limited Company then it is a legal requirement that you show your full Company Name, Registered Address and Registration number and where the company is registered on your letterhead.  For more informaiton on Companies House legal requirements copy the address below or contact us we will be pleaed to help.





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