The Printed Invoice – Invoice Printing

Olympic know that all companies that offer a product or service need to supply an Invoice. It is important that this Invoice is clear and concise and that it is easy for you to complete.


Invoice Styles

Depending on the systems you use this invoice can be produced in many different sizes. The most common size is A4 but some people prefer to use A5. Printed Invoices can be supplied as single sheets or NCR Invoices (carbonless paper) in pads or books or as continuous forms. The sort of Printed Invoice you prefer to use will ultimately depend on whether you write them by hand or use computer software. It is important that the printed Invoice is designed so that there is sufficient room to fit in all the information you require and it fits any software already installed on your system.


Invoice Printing Requirements

A printed Invoice must show the Company name, address, and telephone number. An email address is also a good idea so that you can easily be contacted if your customer has a query. If your company is Vat Registered then the Vat number must also be shown. Invoices should have a unique number for auditing purposes and they can also if required have a unique letter.


All Invoices must be dated and you should also show a date when payment is due and what your payment terms are. It is also a good idea to give your client as much information as possible on the items you are Invoicing. In addition to the customers name and address such things as where the goods or services were provided, who ordered them, an order number if available and of course what was supplied can only help aid the authorisation process. Invoices need to show the Nett amount, Vat at the current rate and the Gross Total. It is also useful for an Invoice to show your bank details in case your customer wishes to pay direct.


Olympic Invoice Systems

Olympic always try to ensure that clients printed Invoices meet legal requirements and will discuss which type of Invoice is the best for you. Olympics print management system also can ensure that you never run out of Invoices and therefore are always in a position to send out your printed Invoices on time.


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