integrated cards

Printed Integrated Membership Cards

Integrated membership cards are produced on A4 sheets in a variety of sizes, the positions on the form can vary and they can be supplied in 1 to 4 colours, plain or printed in materials up to 200gsm weight. Integrated cards have a wide variety of uses, form Membership Cards, Photo ID Cards, Parking Permits and we offer cost effective cheap integrated labels.


Integrated Cards – Printed Membership Cards

Membership Cards are also printed on A4 sheets, these can be personalised in both the letter area and the card itself through your own printer and the card area can be laminated. Integrated cards are ideal for Discount Cards, Loyalty Cards and Cards with a Hotline Number.


Integrated Cards – Printed Parking Permits

Printed parking permits continue to grow in popularity and when embarking on enforcing parking regulations it is vital that your Printed Parking Permit is clear and highly visible to Car Parking Attendants. The most effective solution is to have printed passes that can be easily affixed to the vehicles windscreen. Printed Permits can be produced in two different ways. 


Integrated Cards – Printed Photo ID Cards


Printed Photo ID Cards are supplied on A4 sheets with an integrated passport photograph size window that also allows the signature on the reverse to be visible. As with all our Integrated cards these can be printed 1 to 4 colours on materials upto 200gsm. Printed Photo Id Cards are used for Trade Licenses, Discounted Travel Cards and Membership Cards. Alternatively we can also supply a self adhesive patch so that photographs can be affixed to an Application Form.


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