business cards

business cards

Quality Bespoke Printed Business Card Uses

To many the business card is an unnecessary tool that others use. However, in reality it is a vital aspect of professional networking. Business card marketing has become almost an art form with proponents dreaming up new and innovative uses of business-card sized pieces of card. The fact is that the business card was first introduced because it offered a convenient size and shape, and a method to provide personal details to potentially interested parties.


Information To Print On Your Business Card

Typically a business card design will include important contact data about the holder. This includes name, address, phone number, email, website, company name, and position. Many business cards also include a short tag line and the company logo. However, as more and more printing innovations have been introduced it is now possible to generate business cards that offer much more than just your name and contact details.


Quality Bespoke Printed Business Card Print Finishes

Prnted business cards can be produced using standard litho or digital and thermo (raised ink)  techniques.  Also luxury business cards can be printed using additional processes such as foiling, die stamping and embossing to really make your cards stand out from the crowd.  Cards can be scored and folded or die cut to shape as required.


Business Networking

The biggest and most common use of the business card is to network your business or the business you represent. Effective business card marketing and business networking means the use of an effective business card. While the traditional design will work in many cases, innovation especially sticks out in the mind.


Don’t Be Afraid To Hand Out Your Business Cards

The most important thing to remember is that a business card is no use until it has been distributed to somebody who may be interested in your services or those of your company. Don’t be afraid to hand them out, two at a time where possible, and certainly don’t be afraid to give away your last one or two. You can always have more business cards printed but you don’t get always a second opportunity at making the right impression.


Make It Useful — Make It Memorable

Providing something of use, besides your own details provides the recipient of your business card with an extra reason to keep hold of it. Consider including a brief list of services, a calendar, conversion rates, or even some funny quotes. If necessary, in order to prevent your business card from becoming too crammed on the front, have both sides printed.


Alternative Business Card Ideas

People have successfully offered business cards that can be used as appointment cards, short surveys, discount coupons, or even greetings cards. Try to make the use of the card fit either with your business or with the role you fulfil within the business. While this may not always be possible, it does help to ensure that you are remembered as more than just the person that provided a handy calendar.



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